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CL100 Inspections

Not all CL100 Inspections are equal

These inspections should be performed by an expert with years of experience, at Patriot Pest Management our inspector has 30 years’ experience in the pest control industry and is also a licensed contractor so he can determine when damage is reported if the damage is structural damage and the extent of repairs needed.

These inspections are generally performed at the request of the buyer prior to the purchase of a residential or commercial property. The CL100 report is a vital inspection: we inspect the residence for all wood destroying insects and wood destroying fungi. The inspections include the interior, exterior, attic, crawl space and garage, if applicable. The CL100 report is often mistaken as a termite letter or termite inspection only, but it is much more than that. We report termites, powder post beetles, old house bores, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, moisture readings and moisture problems, and fungi or rot damage

Note: No discounts offered for CL100 reports.