Do you have a mildew smell in the house? It could be coming from the crawl space. If there is a moisture problem in the crawl space it will affect the interior causing your windows to sweat, generating mildew smells in the house, or even producing mold. It could become a health concern for your family.

Patriot Pest Management inspects moisture in crawl spaces to determine if water is getting under the house during heavy rains. We check the moisture levels in the wood to determine if there is any rot, as well as check to ensure the crawl space is properly ventilated. The moisture readings in the crawl space should be between 10% to 20%, anything over 20% is a problem. Readings over 28% means the wood in the crawl space is actually rotting and will translate into major damage to your home.

One of the biggest problems we find is homeowners close the foundation vents in the winter and forget to open them in the spring. This blocks ventilation in the crawl space, elevating moisture levels, leading to potential structural damage.

Patriot Pest Management is experienced and qualified in the installation of a variety of moisture control techniques such as French drains, sump pumps, vapor barriers and automatic temp vents to control moisture problems in crawl spaces and basements. Contact us today to learn more.